Press Release

World’s first 100kW Single Mode CW Laser

Civan Lasers has successfully completed the production of the world’s first 100kW Single Mode (SM) Continues Wave (CW) coherent beam combining (CBC) laser. CBC is a long-time known technology, however so far, Civan is the only company to offer CBC lasers for material processing. Civan is the first to scale up this technology and offer commercial products in a wide range of power levels, proving that it keeps challenging the impossible, and succeeds in doing so.

It was only in 2018 that Civan announced its 14kW laser, and now, just three years later, it already expands its groundbreaking capabilities to 100kW – 10 times higher than the current competition in the market.

The CBC technology is based on parallel amplification of a single seed signal that allows for coherent recombination, ramping the output power to a degree unobtainable by in-series amplifiers. A high-power single mode CBC laser opens the opportunity for innovative and highly useful capabilities. It can be used for welding of thick metals that are found in ships and submarines, and for decommissioning of nuclear plants.

One of Civans 100kW CBC unique features that distinguishes it from any other current solution in the market, is its Dynamic Beam Shaping capabilities. This technology provides the ability to control beam shape, frequency, sequence and focus steering, thus allowing to receive a very high quality and defect-free outcome.

Civan constantly keeps progressing and developing its technology, bringing new and advanced solutions to the material processing market. The 100kW CBC laser is a revolutionary achievement that sets a very important milestone in that sphere. From now on - only the sky is the limit.


About Civan Advanced Technologies:

Civan Lasers. was established in 2008 and is the only company to offer industrial lasers based on Coherent Beam Combining technology. Civan's high power lasers are integrated into industrial material processing systems in the fields of cutting, welding, metal additive manufacturing and drilling.